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Below the latest JMR Waterworld news.
For more highlights , you can follow the link to our Facebook page:


March 2016

JMR Waterworld crew arrived in Hollywood, the next few days they will be at the EDC Beyond Wonderland event.
Also the JMR Waterworld containers arrived for the EDC Beyond Wonderland event.


February 2016

JMR Waterworld HQ

The renovation and modernisation of the recently purchased property (Nikkelstraat 11-13) is comming to an end, today were two new overhead doors installed.

February 2016

VSK 2016 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

JMR Water Projection Screen used at the AirQuality stand at the VSK 2016 Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.

February 2016

JMR Waterworld HQ

Containers ready for transport to San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernardino, USA.

February 2016

Tomorrowland São Paulo Brasil.

Again loading the containers this time for Tomorrowland, São Paulo Brasil.

November 2015

Insomniac EDC Orlando

JMR Waterworld took part of the Insomniac EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) event at Orlando's Tinker Field. JMR Waterworld provided the water fountains and waterfalls on the main stage.

October 2015

Let's Dance

Last week JMR Waterworld construct the DMX controlled RTL "Let's Dance" DJ-booth with water tubes and RGB LED lights.
JMR Waterworld did the construction of the RVS frame, water tubes, air pumps, LED and DMX

RTL Lets dance

September 2015

JMR Waterworld HQ

This month is a very busy one for JMR Waterworld, seven shows in five countries are on tour; America (Atlanta, Orlando and Mountain View), Brasil, Dubai, Canada and Mexico.

September 2015

20 years Nocturnal Wonderland.

JMR Waterworld at the 20 years Nocturnal Wonderland.

August 2015

JMR Waterworld HQ

JMR Waterworld has also expanded their fleet.


August 2015

TomorrowWorld Atlanta 2015

JMR Waterworld preparing the first container loaded with 18 tons of pumps and cables for the TomorrowWorld event in Atlanta. Our neighbor Groeneboom assisted us to place the 40' HC container on transport.

August 2015

JMR Waterworld HQ

The first of our three new 40' HC containers delivered at JMR Waterworld. This to ensure better and faster transports for our foreign shows.

July 2015

Tomorrowland Belgium 2015

This year JMR Waterworld was responsible for constructing the biggest and most impressive water show ever seen on Tomorrowland.
The main stage, including the DJ-booth, were implemented with JMR Waterworld custom made huge water organs, CO2 jet pipes and waterfalls taking almost one third of the available space.
Further more JMR Waterworld implemented other custom built water effects in other places of the event; water lilies, mini water lilies and candles.

May 2015

Rock in Rio USA

JMR Waterworld build the "Rock in Rio" globe, fountains and water

Rock in Rio


May 2015

Tomorrowland Brasil 2015

JMR Waterworld was at the Tomorrowland Brasil 2015 and provided i.a. the JMR Candlestick.
The JMR Candlestick (DMX controllable) is one of the JMR Waterworlds most advanced and evocative effects.
Beside a small "flame" on the candle (combination of 24 small water jets and light) and built-in fountain, it also produces fog and a huge flame.


April 2015

Nationale Museumweek

Jmr Waterworld provided the breathtaking water projection screen for the "Nationale Museumweek".



March 2015

Rock in Rio USA

JMR Waterworld will be there !!


March 2015

Sensation Amsterdam 2015 'The Legacy'

JMR Waterworld will be there !!


March 2015

Christening of the "Pioneering Spirit"

JMR Waterworld did take part of the inauguration of the largest ship in the world, the Pioneering Spirit.
Proud! that we could cooperate with everyone in this unique and very special Allseas production. And especially proud! on the huge super team headed by Allseas, Hendrix Regie en Showproducties , Production World, Fraai Projecten, Marc van Laere Producties, Maitre Frederic and Organisatiebureau Rood made this all possible.


January 2015

SKOLL Summer On

Impression of the "SKOL Summer On" beach tour in Brasil.
The water effects shown in this video were designed and built by JMR waterworld.

January 2015

SKOLL Summer On

Hardwell at the "SKOLL Summer On" beach party.
Like Hardwell JMR Waterworld, who privided the water effects for this event, is also from The Netherlands.


December 2014

"SKOL Summer On" beach tour in Brasil.

JMR Waterworld is responsable for the water effects.

Tour dates:
- 01/03/2015 - Porto de Galinhas
- 01/10/2015 - Arradial d'Ajuda Uiki Parracho
- 01/17/2015 - Rio de Janeiro
- 01/24/2015 - Maresias (TBD)
- 01/31/2015 - Florianópolis




November 2014

Sensation "Into the Wild", Toronto, Canada.

JMR Waterworld did again the water show effects for Sensation.


November 2014

TommorowWorld 2014, Atlanta, USA.

The water and fire effects like the big volcano, waterfalls, mini water lilies and the candle-sticks on the TomorrowWorld 2014 event were built by JMR Waterworld.
Please look at the video below to see what JMR Waterworld is capable of to make such a event a blast!.

November 2014

Sensation "Into the Wild", Mexico.

JMR Waterworld did again the water show effects for Sensation.


November 2014

Electric Daisy Carnival 2014, Orlando, USA

JMR Waterworld took part of the Insomniac EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) event at Orlando's Tinker Field. JMR Waterworld provided the water fountains on the huge main stage.


Oktober 2014

JMR Waterworld, Ridderkerk

New video of ten JMR CO2 Wheels used for the first time in the Amsterdam Arena at the Sensation, Welcome to the Pleasuredome" event.
More information about the JMR CO2 Wheel.



Oktober 2014

Sensation "Into the Wild", Brasil.

Today the load-in for the Bud Light Sensation "Into the Wild" took place at JMR Waterworld for the show at the end of next month.


Oktober 2014

JMR Waterworld, Ridderkerk

JMR Waterworld goes to Brasil !
JMR will take part of six shows.

Construction of the water effects for six events in Brasil.

All set for transportation to Brasil for six events.


October 2014

Amsterdam Dance Event 2014

The JMR Mini Water Lilies at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).
The Mini Lilies were located in the canal in front of the Andaz Prinsengracht Hotel in Amsterdam.


September 2014

TomrrowWorld Atlanta 2014

Official pictures of the TomorrowWorld 2014 event at Atlanta, showing the awesome JMR Waterworld Volcano, water falls, Water Lilies and Mini Water Lilies.


Augustus 2014

Strandfestival Zand 2014

JMR Waterworld has again contributed to this festival by supplying fountains.


Augustus 2014

Preparations TomorrowWorld 2014

Customs arrived to check the extra container for TomorrowWorld. The container must be opened and checked by the lady of customs. All's fine, the extra container is been sealed and can be transported to Atlanta.


Augustus 2014

Decibel Outdoor 2014

JMR Waterworld was again present at the Decibel Outdoor Festival and provided some water fountains.


Augustus 2014

Preparations TomorrowWorld 2014

Last minute load in of extra JMR water effects in a container for the TomorrowWorld 2014 event in Atlanta, USA.


August 2014

Preparations TomorrowWorld 2014

Load in of the JMR water effects in the containers for the TomorrowWorld 2014 event in Atlanta, USA. One of the containers exceeded 15 tons on equipment.


August 2014

Aftermath Tomorrowland 2014

Pictures showing the JMR Waterworld crew at the break, transportation and cleaning of the water effects used at Tomorrowland 2014.


July 2014

Tomorrowland 2014

JMR Waterworld built again the water effects (FX) for the Tomorrowland 2014: 10 years anniversary.


July 2014

Sensation, Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Ten JMR Waterworld custom built "CO2 Wheels" were placed at the Amsterdam Arena for the upcomming "Sensation - Welcome to the Pleasuredome" event.


June 2014

Andre Rieu, Vrijthof 2014

Pick-up of the "foam jets" at JMR Waterworld, Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.

JMR Waterworld provided the "foam jets" for the "Andre Rieu, Vrijthof 2014" events.

The events will be held at the following dates:

- Friday the 4th, Saturdag the 5th and Sunday the 6th of July 2014
- Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of July 2014
- Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of July 2014


June 2014

Dreamfields 2014

JMR Waterworld provided foam jets for this festival.


June 2014

Electric Daisy Carnival

JMR Waterworld took part of the Insomniac EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) event in the desert of Las Vegas. JMR Waterworld provided the water fountains on the huge main stage.


June 2014

Sensation - Into the Wild

JMR Waterworld provided water foam jets for the main stage at the Sensation ‘Into the Wild’ show in Russia.

The show
‘Into the Wild’ compares the nightlife in 2014 with the universal laws of the animal kingdom. From the awakening of the wild animals, to catching the prey and celebrating victory. The stadium will be totally transformed into a white oasis. To change the SKK Arena into a sweltering jungle an organic world has been created: An Avatar like jungle. The light shows and pyro effects, amongst other things, will create a futuristic atmosphere.


April 2014

Article about JMR Waterworld at the Georgia Unfiltered website:



March 2014

Nuclear Industry Summit 2014

At the follow up of the Nuclear Security Summit, the Nuclear Industry Summit 2014, JMR Waterworld provided foam jets and a water projection curtain for this event at the "Beurs of Berlage" in Amsterdam.


Januari 2014

Prolight + Sound 2014

JMR Waterworld will be at the Prolight + Sound 2014 International Fair of Technologies and Services for Events, Installation and Production.

You can visit the JMR Waterworld booth at the following location: Hall 11.0, E08


Januari 2014

TomorrowWorld 2013 Aftermovie.

JMR Waterworld was glad to be a part of this great event.



December 2013

Aqua Bella - Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Aqua Bella wins the Brass Ring Award in the category ‘Live Entertainment Excellence’ (Best Overall Production: Budget of $400,001 – $700,000)

JMR Waterworld build the water show for the Aqua Bella show which exist of several Foam Jets (18 meter) and one big round Water Projection Screen 180° (12 x 30 meter)


November 2013

TomorrowWorld Atlanta 2013 (aftermath)

Last week the seven 40 ft containers arrived back at the JMR Waterworld logistic center.
Every item was covered with red mud from the Atlanta festival area.

The coming few days all those items must be cleaned for the next events.


October 2013

Sensation Ocean of White, Las Vegas

JMR Waterworld provided JMR Foam Jets for the Sensation Ocean of White event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


September 2013

TomrrowWorld Atlanta 2013 (day one)

Today the first day of the TomorrowWorld 2013 event in Atlanta.
After the usual technical checkup, everything went smoothless.

Last test for the JMR Waterworld water lilies.

Remi Mollers let his mother see the huge main stage.

Nice view of the main stage, rightmost one of the four JMR Waterworld Candles.

Even a nicer view ;-)


September 2013

Christening Heerema "Aegir"

JMR Waterworld provided a water effect for the Christening of the "Aegir", namely a water mist effect to add an extra dimension to the video and audio.

Remi Mollers of JMR Waterworld test the water fog effect.

More tests of the show effect.

Bow of the "Aegir".

Stern of the "Aegir".


September 2013

TomrrowWorld Atlanta 2013 (preparations USA)

After some delay finally the seven 40 ft containers (just for JMR Waterworld) in Chattahoochee Hills, Atlanta arrived.
The deposition, unloading and placing the water effects can finally begin.
Hard work to have everything ready on time.

Container in the hoists to be dropped off.

The same situation, but seen from the other side.

Known decor.

The JMR Waterworld water lilies.


September 2013

Sensation Innerspace Johannesburg

At the moment, the JMR waterworld team is in Johannesburg (South Africa) for the construction and operation of the "JMR Water Pixel Printer take. 360°" centerpiece.
The "JMR Water Pixel Printer 360°" appears still one of the most beautiful water effects which amazes many people.

The "JMR Water Pixel Printer 360" in its full glory.

Building the main stage.

Another picture of the main stage.

Martijn Schop from JMR Waterworld has found some time to go on safari.


August 2013

Strandfestival Zand

To this event JMR waterworld has again contributed by supplying fountains.

Bas from JMR Waterworld accompanied by Lieke van Lexmond and Jeroen van Koningsbrugge.


August 2013

Decibel Outdoor

JMR Waterworld supplied foam jets for Decibel Outdoor.

Below an impression of the foam jets used:

August 2013


JMR Waterworld was also represented here with its fountains, this time 6 x "JMR Foam Jets 18 meters".

Here are some pictures of the "JMR Foam Jets 18 meters" in action:


Augustus 2013

TomrrowWorld Atlanta 2013 (preparations NL)

For the first time in the U.S.A. (Chattahoochee Hills, Atlanta) there will be held a Tomorrowland event, the U.S.A. event will called now "Tomorrow Atlanta World 2013".
The event takes place on 27, 28 and September 29 2013.
For JMR Waterworld a busy period, a total of seven to 40 ft containers are loaded and shipped.

Placing the containers at the Zinkstraat parking lot in front of JMR Waterworld Ridderkerk.

The bowl-parts of the "JMR Candlestick" should be firmly put in for the long sea voyage.

Inserting the leaf parts of the "JMR Lily" in the container.

It is really fit and measure to place the "JMR Lily" undamaged in the container.

Proud Job Rijsdijk with his grandson in a Dear John Gator 4x6 (which also must go to Tomorrow World) driving towards the containers.

Father and son posing.

All ready to go to TomorrowWorld Atlanta.


July 2013

Tomorrowland 2013

JMR Waterworld did design, construct and operate the volcano and waterfalls on the huge main stage.
Again, JMR Waterworld used the candlesticks.

Overview of the main stage with the volcano and waterfalls.

Close-up of the volcano and the waterfalls.

The volcano and waterfalls in all their glory.

July 2013

Sensation into the Wild


June 2013


June 2013

Sensation - The Ocean of White

JMR Waterworld was responsible for the development, construction and operation of the 44 water fountains and 2 water screens at the "Sensation - The Ocean of White" show.

Some facts:

- 128,000 liters of water, divided into 12 water reservoirs
- 44 water kolomns of 3.14 inch thick and 30 feet high
- 32 pumps with a capacity of 33,000 liters per hour each
- 12 pumps with a capacity of 48,000 liters per hour each
- In total, 1.6 million liters of water per hour, 272 000 liters per minute, 453 liters per second.
- 2 water screen pumps with a capacity of 120,000 liters per hour each.
- If everything is pushed to there full potential 2.1 million liters of water per hour is shot in the air.
- The water hangs at 10 meters 3.8 seconds in the air,
what means that a water shot 2,226 liters of water is suspended freely in the air.
- 88,000 watt underwater lighting.

The making of the Sensation Canada show, “starring” Martijn Schop from JMR Waterworld (at 1:10).

Construction of the Sensation show at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.


May 2013

Toppers in Concert 2013

JMR Waterworld has developed, manufactured and controlled 12 water bowls for "Toppers in Concert 2013" in the ArenA (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

The total of 12 water bowls were placed in 4 water reservoirs of 4x19 meters with a total capacity of 132,000 liters of water.
In the 4 water reservoirs the 12 water bowls were placed just above the waterline, 12 pumps with a total throughput capacity of 360,000 liters per hour to feed the water jets.

Another 12 additional pumps, with a total throughput capacity of 520,000 liter per hour, ensuring the spillover effect of the water bowls.

Because there had to be DVD recordings made during the show 4 interference suppression transformer of 63A/400V were made weighing 240kg each.

The twelve JMR Waterworld water bowls in action on the big Toppers stage.

Remi Mollers from JMR Waterword could't resist to fly the Magic Carpet.

Testing one of the twelve water bowls at JMR Waterworld at Ridderkerk.

Two of the four JMR waterworld in-house build interference suppression transformers, 63A/400V each.

Martijn Schop assembling one of the interference suppression units at JMR Waterworld.

Remi Mollers assembling one of the four water reservoirs.

Testing of the water bowls at the Amsterdam ArenA.

More testing of the water bowls at the Amsterdam ArenA.


May 2013

Aqua Bella

Now to be seen at Dolfinarium!

Construction view of the immense water tank where the JMR Waterworld fountains will be placed.

April 2013

Muiderslot Waterschild

The Muiderslot is one of the oldest moated castle from the Netherlands. A real castle with castle moat.
To let see that part of history the Waterschild Paviljoen was build.
JMR Waterworld developed and build this watershield.

Preparations for one can begin pouring the concrete.

Remi Mollers checking the drawings.

Remi Mollers viewing the progress of the construction site.

Martijn Schop poses next to the build and supplied by JMR Waterworld filter installation for the Waterschild.

Martijn Schop from JMR Waterworld standing in front of the Waterschild during the first tests.

More tests……

July 2012

Tomorrowland 2012

JMR Waterworld did design, construct and operate the four candlesticks on the huge main stage.
Again, JMR Waterworld used the water lilies.

The four candlesticks in action on the main stage.

Close-up of the candlesticks.

The water lelies in use.

Two candlesticks seen from the back of the main stage.

Bas Cabri from JMR Waterworld brings one of the water lilies in place.

Fountains on the main stage.


October 2011

Opening Scheepvaartmuseum

JMR Waterworld has provided the design, construction and operation of two water curtains for the opening of the museum.

Projection on the two water curtains in the courtyard of the museum.

Another picture of the two water curtains.

At the foot of the truss, the inlet and outlet for the water curtain.

A water curtain on top of the truss.


Juni 2010

Christening "Stena Hollandica"

JMR Waterworld did the festivities, envolving the christening of the "Stena Hollandica", with eight 8 meter foam jets
The "Stena Hollandica" is one of two new Stena Line ships on the route Hook of Holland - Harwich.

To get an impression of the festivities you find pictures below:


Juli 2008

Sensation - Ocean of White

Juni 2008

André Rieu World Stadium Tour

For the first time in Europe: André Rieu’s World Stadium Tour “A Romantic Viennese Night” against the background of the world’s largest transportable concert set: A full-size copy of the imperial Schönbrunn Palace!

JMR Waterworld did design, build and operate the ten water fountains which are placed in two round water basins.

Overview of the immense decor.

The fountains in one of the two basins in action.

People of JMR Waterworld busy building one of the two basins with six water fountains.

Ready for the show.


Juli 2007

Sensation - Love Show (2007)

JMR Waterworld is asked by ID&T for the first time to design, build and place water fountains in the Amsterdam ArenA.
The fountains each consist of three 8 meter high foam jet that get exposed by JMR pars.

Below an impression of the construction work in the ArenA and the final results:

Also visit the Pro Sound division of JMR Waterworld, Stage Accompany